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House Clearance

If you’ve come to the end of your tenancy, you’ll want to ensure that everything is left how it was when you first moved in to make sure that you get back your full deposit. Or maybe you’re moving into a new home and the previous occupants have left behind unwanted appliances and furniture or just left a mess for you to clean up.

That’s where our house clearances team can help you.

From standalone units to shelving installations to old kitchens, we’ll completely remove anything you don’t want or need whether you’re moving home or just going through a Spring Clean.

House waste removal  Full home clearances
  Part home clearances
  End of tenancy clearances
  Landlord clearances
  Household waste disposal
  Renovation clearances
  Bespoke services
  Competitive prices
  A service tailored to your needs

We can help you with full and part home clearances, whether for one just one room in a house-share or for an entire house move. We know it can be a sensitive process in some situations and our 10 years’ experience in waste removal and disposal means that you can rely on us for a professional and efficient service.

Office and Shop Clearance

Have you got a big client visiting your office and need to ensure everything is spotless? Perhaps you have just invested in new office equipment and need to recycle your old computers, printers, desks and chairs.

Shop storerooms are often cluttered and potentially hazardous, leading to possible health and safety issues and an untidy environment can also make it more time consuming to serve customers and keep your shop fully stocked.

Our office and shop clearance service can handle all types of general rubbish and dispose of it safely to leave your working environment clear. We also safely dispose of all kinds of electronic equipment and shop fittings and ensure that as much as possible is recycled.

Office and shop waste removal  Office clearances
  Shop clearances
  General business waste removal
  Electronic equipment
  Recycling (where possible)
  Office furniture
  Carpets and rugs
  Specialist stock removals
  Make your workplace more presentable

A clean workplace is proven to have a positive effect on your staff and office atmosphere. Our office and shop clearance service can help you work in a tidier environment as well as providing your customers with a lasting and positive first impression.

Garden Clearance

Have you just moved into a property that has a garden resembling a wasteland? Have you put off removing any of the broken pieces of machinery or dead shrubbery that litters your lawn?

Even if you just can’t face clearing out your shed after years of storing anything and everything in it, our garden clearance service can clear the clutter and free up the space in your back yard to give you an outdoor environment that you can enjoy again.

Garden waste removal  General garden waste removal
  Full garden clearances
  Shrubbery and planting
  Garden equipment
  Moss and weed removals
  Recycling (where possible)
  Shed clearances
  Garage clearances
  Garden waste removal for all situations

Whether your gardener has not cleared all their waste or you’ve gone through a DIY tree surgery project, we want to hear from you. Whatever type of garden waste you have, rest assured that our experienced team can help you.

Commercial Waste Removal

If your business generates a lot of waste, you can rely on our commercial waste removal team to help you. Whether you’d like us to clear out the rubbish from a large project you’ve just completed, or you need our team to visit your property on a regular basis, we’d be delighted to assist you.

From small scale waste disposals to large multi-site projects, you can count on us for a timely and efficient service.

Commercial waste removal  Specialist commercial waste removal
  General commercial waste disposal
  Ongoing commercial services
  One-off commercial waste disposal
  Liquids and solids disposed of
  Electronic equipment and light machinery
  24 hour professional services
  Competitive prices
  Emergency call-out service available

As a business ourselves, we understand the importance of a smooth running workplace. If you need our commercial waste disposal team on site as quickly as possible so that you can get on with your business, we’re available 24 hours a day.

Restaurant Waste Removal

In the restaurant world, image is everything and cleanliness is a must. Specialising in restaurant waste removal, you can count on our experienced team to leave your kitchen, storage and front of house environment clean and free from hazards.

We know all too well that rubbish can pile up after you’ve had a busy Friday or Saturday night so, to prevent a build up of kitchen waste, we can stop by as often as you like to leave you rubbish-free.

From regular waste removal services to one-off clearances, you can count on us for a reliable and quality service.

Restaurant waste removal  Food waste removal
  Cooking equipment removal
  Table and chair clearances
  Drainage and sewerage disposal
  Paper clearances and recycling
  Specialist restaurant waste removal
  24 hour restaurant waste disposal
  Boxes, unused stock and freezer clear outs
  Emergency call-out service available

Do you need us to clear last night’s rubbish first thing in the morning? Or do you want us to stop by in the middle of the night before everybody leaves so everything is spotless when your staff comes in the next day? Whatever time of day or night you call us, our restaurant waste removal team can clear your premises for the next shift.

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